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Anél De Bruyn Digital Design Portfolio

I am a Digital animator. I snowboard and I love the sea. One day soon I will live in an area with moderate climate and tropical thunderstorms, in a house on the hill overlooking the ocean. I enjoy the challenge of integrating aesthetically pleasing design and practical functionality. Form and function are inseparable

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These are some of my most recent animations. Click here for Flash games or banners.

Digital Space Warriors

I created this journey as a follow-on from the birdman (below), translating the elements to fit a digital scene, rather than print. The team working in the office at Positive Digital are quite appreciative of retro geek references, so I used an old galactic arcade game as a basis for the animation. Created in Flash

Momentum Media awards 2009

This is the looping intro designed for the 2009 Media Momentum Awards, hosted by GP Bullhound, and animated by Positive Digital. This sequence has been adapted from the original version, which displayed across the 4 walls of the reception room - This wide format is the ratio of one of the walls, and the animation has been reformatted to fit into one panel. The original show was projected using Watchout, at Sketch restaurant in central London. Created in Flash

The travels of Birdman

These are the travels of the Birdman, unofficial mascott for digital media agency Positive Thinking in Richmond, London. This video loops in the reception area to welcome visitors and introduce the Birdman. I animated this in Flash from the visual concept designed in-house by the print department. Created in Flash

The WhatCar 2.0 machine

This animation, done in Flash, is a component intended for use in presentation to business clients of WhatCar, to demonstrate the targeted advertising capabilities of the new WhatCar website (5.0). Illustrations were done by Amir Mostofi in Illustrator, animation done by me in Flash, with help from developer Mike Strick. Sound edited and added by me, using mainly eJay Studio sounds. Created in Flash

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